This is where I blog these days. I might blog at Chai Kada again. Someday. Or maybe not.


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and turn again


If the red slayer think he slays,
Or if the slain think he is slain,
They know not well the subtle ways
I keep, and pass, and turn again.



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Hasta Siempre Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara


 “If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”

– Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara(June 14, 1928 – Oct 9,1967)


“the most complete human being of our age”

-Jean Paul Sartre


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Geometry of Truth

Truth is not linear, it is spherical. So it has to be contradictory. Anything that is spherical is always contradictory.

-H.H Sri Sri Ravishanker

Obscurantism is the easiest way to profundity.


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Its my third week in Bangalore.Hope to resume blogging soon.

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Heaven is…


A cup of awesome filter kaaphi at Karpaigambal mess with strains of nadaswaram wafting in from Kapaleeshwar at the twilight hour.

I’ll miss Chennai.


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I was always something of a leftist, Reforms made me a complete marxist.

Excerpt’s from Mani Shanker Aiyer’s speech to the CII.Entire speech.

And we stand 126th on the Human Development Index. I am glad to report that last year we were 127th.At this very fast rate of growth that we are now showing, we moved up from 127th to 126th position. This is the paradigm of our development process. In a democracy, every five years the masses determine who will rule this country. And they showed dramatically in the last elections that they knew how to keep their counsel and show who they wanted. We, my party and I, were the beneficiaries and we formed the government. Every five years, it is the masses who determine who will form the government. And in between those five years the classes determine what that government will do.

In determining what that government will do, the CII has played an extremely important role. I am not surprised, as that is its job. It represents industry, and therefore it argues for the interests of the industry. Industry has been enormously benefited by the processes of economic reform that we have seen in this country over the last 15 years or so. But the benefits of these reforms have gone so disproportionately to those who are the most passionate advocates of reforms that every five years we are given a slap in the face for having done what the CII regards as self-evidently the right thing for this country.

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